Global Innovation Lab
for Climate Finance


Private investors – often supported by public policy and finance – are already channeling significant amounts of money into the low-carbon economy in countries around the world, but much more investment is needed in order to tackle the climate challenge.

Well-designed financial instruments and appropriate public support that reduce private investors’ risks and improve their financial returns could play a central role in global efforts to address the adaptation and mitigation needs of developing countries.

The Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance catalyzes this process by drawing on experience and expertise from around the world to identify, design, and pilot the next generation of climate finance instruments. These instruments provide concrete solutions to financing challenges faced in real projects and can build new markets, attract new investors, and help to unlock billions of dollars in new climate-friendly investments in developing countries.

The Global Lab is part of broader government and private sector efforts to scale up climate finance. Given the urgent need to tackle climate change, governments are looking to use public resources to mobilize far greater private investment. The Lab helps by bringing public and private sector representatives together in a dialogue to enable a shared understanding of goals and perspectives and work together to identify barriers and solutions to mobilizing investment. It moves quickly from talking to action by accelerating promising climate finance proposals so that they are ready to implement. By developing these project-ready solutions, it complements and feeds-in to existing processes such as the UNFCCC, NDC commitments, Green Climate Fund, climate disclosure, and impact investment efforts.

The Global Lab has served as the incubator and model for regional programs in India and Brazil.