The Brazil program helps public and private investors and leaders identify, develop, and launch innovative investment solutions to drive funds for the country’s national climate priorities.

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The Brazil program helps public and private investors and leaders identify, develop, and launch innovative investment solutions to drive funds for the country’s national climate priorities.


Brazil Panel Members

Brazil Panel Members

steering group


  • Camila Ramos
    Board Member and Vice President of Finance
  • Marilia Rabassa
    Finance Working Group Coordinator
  • Rodrigo Sauaia
    Chief Executive Officer


  • Felipe Leonato
    Food, Agri & Beverage Industry Specialty Leader Brazil
  • Thiago Lang
    Director M&A / ESG Solutions

Atlas Agro

  • Maria Gabriela da Rocha Oliveira
    Director for Renewable Power

Brazil Ministry of Agriculture

  • Sidney Almeida Filgueira de Medeiros
    International Cooperation Lead

Brazil Ministry of Finance

  • Raquel Breda
    General Coordinator of Global Development Institutions

Brazilian Development Bank

  • Marcio Macedo
  • Nabil Kadri
    Chief of Environment and Amazon Fund
  • Raphael Stein
    Coordinator, Environmental Department

BTG Pactual

  • Mariana Sang
    Sustainable & Impact Investing
  • Patrícia Genelhú
    Sustainable & Impact Investing


  • Beto Mesquisa
    Director of Forests and Public Policy
  • Mauricio Moura Costa
    Founder and Director
  • Pedro Moura Costa
    Founder and Director

Deutsche Bank

  • Rui Fernando Ramos Alves
    Head of Legal

Development Bank of Minas Gerais

  • Gustavo Amaral
    International Fundraising and Market Relations Manager

Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • Paul Van de Logt
    Senior Policy Advisor, Environment, Climate Energy and Water

GEF Capital

  • Anibal Wadih
    Managing Partner
  • Gabriela Mugnol Ventura
    ESG & Impact Investing
  • Tiago Gomes
    Head of ESG for Latin America

German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ)

  • Raquel Souza
    Technical Advisor

German KFW Development Bank

  • Luciano Schweizer
    Senior Projects Coordinator


  • Sergio Gusmão Suchodolski
    Chief Executive Officer

Institute Climate and Society

  • Maria Netto de A. C. Schneider

Inter-American Development Bank

  • Orlando Lima
    Financial Markets Consultant
  • Tatiana Alves
    Sector Lead for Green Finance
  • Tuany Missine
    Senior Investment Officer

International Finance Corporation

  • Diogo Bardal
    Associate Operations Officer

International Fund For Agricultural Development

  • Oliver Page
    Senior Climate and Environment Specialist

Partnerships for Forests

  • Marcio Sztutman
    Nature Based Solution Director


  • Carolina Learth
    Head of Social Impact Business

US Agency for International Development

  • Luisa Moreira
    Project Management Specialist in Climate

US International Development Finance Corporation

  • Ella DeBlois
    Regional Managing Director, Latin America and the Caribbean

UK Department for Energy Security and Net Zero

  • Dan Grishin
    Climate Finance Programme Manager
  • Ellen Paton
    Climate Finance Investment Lead and Senior Policy Advisor
  • Robin Guy
    Senior Programme Manager and Policy Advisor
  • Zoe Norgate
    Deputy Director, International Net Zero, Green Finance and Capability

UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

  • Ana Gutierrez
    Climate Finance Senior Manager

UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office

  • Anna Barbosa
    International Climate Finance Manager
  • Elizabetta Albernaz
    ICF Green Growth Manager
  • Maud Chalamet
    Green Finance Programme Head – Prosperity Fund

Brazil Observers

Amazon Investor Coalition

  • Jonah Wittkamper
  • Ricardo Politi
    Chief Investment & Innovation Office

Buriti Investimentos

  • Sabrina Molina
    Financial Analyst


  • Matheus Amorim
    Head of Business Development and Implementation

Instituto Arapyau

  • Renata Piazzon
    Executive Director

Kaeté Investimentos

  • Luis Laranja
    Director Partner


  • Keyvan Macedo
    Sustainability Director

The Nature Conservancy

  • Marcos Gambi
    Agriculture Finance Coordinator
  • Tomas Kovensky
    Conservation Finance Specialist

Valora Invest

  • Sofia Caccuri
    Portfolio Manager Infrastructure and ESG Investments

World Business Council for Sustainable Development

  • Benjamin Cohen
    Senior Manager - Forest Investors Club
  • Giulia Carbone
    Director, Natural Climate Solutions Alliance

World Economic Forum

  • Danielle Carreira
    Head of Finance Sector Engagement

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