A USD 20m to 30m women-led investment fund that invests in companies that contribute to the regeneration of Mexican ecosystems, focusing on rural companies committed to nature-based solutions. The fund operates through tailored, redeemable equity investments to align investor and company needs.


Rural companies, though accessible short-term funding is available, they face challenges securing long-term investments for sustainable growth. Sustainable companies, viewed as risky by many investors, encounter limited understanding of their models, hindering their expansion and market reach. In Mexico, funding options for sustainable companies are scarce, with most providing rigid debt products that fail to cater to specific needs and production cycles. This scarcity perpetuates the challenge of securing diverse and tailored financing for sustainable ventures in the region.


The Regenera Ventures Fund pioneers impactful nature-based investments, emphasizing local leadership, diversity, and gender inclusion for financial success. The process involves strategic investments in scalable, diversified income-generating companies prioritizing community, landscape, and biodiversity impact.

The fund transforms investor paradigms, supporting the transition to regenerative rural management for resilient income streams, improved soil health, and farmer well-being. It targets diverse regenerative layers, from direct soil engagement to market game-changers, contributing to holistic growth and positive environmental and societal impacts.

Regenera Ventures fund was developed through Sustainable Landscapes Ventures, a USAID-funded project implemented by Conservation International and a consortium of partners. The project develops sustainable and inclusive value chains at scale that are market-driven and investor-ready in three landscapes in Chiapas, Oaxaca, and the Yucatan Peninsula.

“Leveraging the Lab’s expertise and network, we aim to accelerate the implementation of impactful climate finance solutions in rural Mexico and drive positive environmental and social change.”

Stevie Smyth, General Partner of SVX Mexico.


With commitments to invest in 12 to 15 companies and leveraging SVX’s impact investment network, Regenera Ventures aims to redefine investment standards and drive significant change in rural landscapes, contributing to improved soil health, biodiversity preservation, carbon capture, and emissions reduction. The Fund’s unique structure positions it as a catalyst for sustainable and impactful investment practices. There will be an emphasis on 3 landscapes suffering from climate vulnerability but can invest in all rural Mexico to be able to reach both geographical and product diversification strategies.