The Lab’s African regional program addresses issues unique to the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and the East African Community (EAC) regions.


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Lab Members are high-level public and private organizations who drive Lab activities and contribute expertise, political support, and financial capital to selected ideas.

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Lab Members

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Principals and Advisors

steering group

ACWA Power

  • advisor
    Thierry Tardy
    Director, Business Development Division,

Africa Finance Corporation

  • principal
    Sameh Shenouda
    Executive Director and Chief Investment Officer
  • advisor
    Kome Ajegbo
    Vice President, Investments

African Development Bank

  • advisor
    Gareth Phillips
    Manager, Climate and Environmental Finance
  • advisor
    Monojeet Pal
    Energy, Environment, and Climate Change Department


  • principal
    Claus Stickler
    Managing Director and Global Co-Lead
  • advisor
    Martin Ewald
    Managing Director, Lead Portfolio Manager, Allianz Global Investors


  • advisor
    Katie Sabo
    Managing Director

Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

  • advisor
    Madeleine Plocki
    Gender - Inclusive, Sustainable Economic Recovery

Bank of America

  • principal
    Alexandra Liftman
    Global Environment Executive
  • advisor
    Abyd Karmali
    Managing Director, Climate Finance


  • principal
    Paul Bodnar
    Global Head of Sustainable Investing
  • advisor
    Rael McNally
    Senior Portfolio Manager, Global Renewable Power

Bloomberg Philanthropies

  • advisor
    Ailun Yang
    Environment Program Manager

Brazilian Development Bank

  • principal
    Nabil Kadri
    Chief of Environment and Amazon Fund
  • advisor
    Marcio Macedo
  • advisor
    Raphael Stein
    Coordinator, Environmental Department

Climate Strategy & Partners

  • advisor
    Peter Sweatman
    Founder and Chief Executive

DWS Group

  • advisor
    Murray Birt
    Senior ESG Strategist

Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • principal
    Tomas Anker Christensen
    Climate Ambassador

Denmark’s Export Credit Agency

  • advisor
    Dan Cleff
    Deputy Director
  • advisor
    Mariane Søndergaard-Jensen
    International Regulation and Relations

Deutsche Bank

  • principal
    Andrew Pidden
    Managing Director, Head of Sustainable Investments
  • advisor
    Anne-Katrin Gruenewald
    Fund Manager, Sustainable Investments
  • advisor
    Lada Strelnikova
    Lead Fund Manager European Energy Efficiency Fund, Director DWS (Deutsche Bank Group)

Development Bank of Southern Africa

  • principal
    Paul Currie
    Chief Investment Officer
  • advisor
    Catherine Koffman
    Group Executive Head of the Project Preparation Division

Dutch Entrepreneurial Development Bank

  • principal
    Jorim Schraven
    Director, Impact and ESG department

FinDev Canada

  • principal
    Lori Kerr
    Chief Executive Officer
  • advisor
    Sumaiya Sajjad
    Head, Technical Assistance Facility

French Development Agency

  • principal
    Remy Rioux
    Chief Executive Officer/Chair
  • advisor
    Alexis Bonnel
    Sector Operations
  • advisor
    Damien Navizet
    Head of the Climate Division
  • advisor
    Mathilde Bord-Laurans
    Head of Energy Division

French Ministry of Economy & Finance

  • advisor
    Marine Lannoy
    Deputy Head of Multilateral Finance for Development and Climate, Directorate General of the Treasury

German Federal Foreign Office

  • principal
    Norbert Gorißen
    Deputy Special Representative for International Climate Policy

German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection

  • advisor
    Sarah Zügel
    Climate Finance Policy Advisor

German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action

  • principal
    Vera Rodenhoff
    Deputy Director General, International Climate Protection and International Energy Transition

German KFW Development Bank

  • principal
    Barbara Schnell
    Head of the Sector Policy Department
  • advisor
    Kia Fariborz
    Senior Sector Economist
  • advisor
    Peter Hilliges
    Chief Climate Officer


  • principal
    Michael Liebreich
    Chairman of the Advisory Board at Liebreich Associates

Inter-American Development Bank

  • principal
    Juan Pablo Bonilla
    Manager of the Climate Change and Sustainable Development Sector
  • advisor
    Anita Fiori de Abreu
    Lead Investment Officer
  • advisor
    Giovanni Leo Frisari
    Senior Climate Change Specialist
  • advisor
    Graham Watkins
    Chief of the Climate Change Division

International Finance Corporation

  • advisor
    Anup Jagwani
    Manager, Climate Finance and Policy
  • advisor
    Steven Baillie
    Principal Financial Officer
  • advisor
    Vivek Pathak
    Director and Global Head for Climate Business

International Fund For Agricultural Development

  • principal
    Jyotsna Puri
    Associate Vice President
  • advisor
    Hisham Zehni
    Senior Technical Specialist, Climate and Environment

MUFG (Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group)

  • principal
    Christopher Marks
    Managing Director, Emerging Markets
  • advisor
    Ariane Pevide
    Director, Emerging Markets

Nordic Development Fund

  • principal
    Leena Klossner
    Deputy Managing Director, Head of Business Development and Outreach
  • advisor
    Isabel Leroux
    Program Manager
  • advisor
    Siv Ahlberg
    Program Manager

Rockefeller Foundation

  • principal
    Ashvin Dayal
    Senior Vice President (Power and Climate)
  • principal
    Maria Kozloski
    Senior Vice President, Innovative Finance
  • advisor
    Carli Roth
    Assistant Principal

Rwanda Ministry of Environment

  • principal
    Dr. Jeanne d’Arc Mujawamariya
    Minister of the Environment

Rwanda's National Fund for the Environment FONERWA

  • principal
    Teddy Mugabo
    Chief Executive Officer
  • advisor
    Felix Yvan Rugwizangoga
    Chief Strategy Officer
  • advisor
    Nathalie Mutalikanwa
    Climate Finance Specialist

Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency

  • principal
    Kerstin Jonsson Cissé
    Unit Director, Global Sustainable Economic Development
  • advisor
    Karin Lindblad
    Senior Program Manager, Department for Partnerships and Innovations
  • advisor
    Mats Åberg
    Senior Policy Specialist, Unit for Global Sustainable Economic Development
  • advisor
    Nawar Al Ebadi
    Programme Officer, Department for Partnerships and Innovations

U.S. Agency for International Development

  • advisor
    Autumn Gorman
    Senior Director / Private Enterprise Officer, PSE Hub Incubator
  • advisor
    Lucas Isakowitz
    Climate Finance Advisor
  • advisor
    Marianne Smallwood
    Foreign Service Officer
  • advisor
    Sashi Jayatileke
    Climate Finance Advisor
  • advisor
    Victoria Ryan
    Foreign Service Officer

U.S. Department of State

  • advisor
    Christina Chan
    Senior Adaptation Advisor
  • advisor
    Pallavi Sherikar
    Climate Adaptation Negotiator and Policy Specialist, Office of Global Change
  • advisor
    Daniel Kandy
    Foreign Affairs Officer, Sustainable Landscapes Director

UK Department for Energy Security and Net Zero

  • principal
    Zoe Norgate
    Deputy Director, International Net Zero, Green Finance and Capability
  • advisor
    Dan Grishin
    Climate Finance Programme Manager
  • advisor
    Ellen Paton
    Climate Finance Investment Lead and Senior Policy Advisor


  • principal
    Rowan Douglas
    Head - Climate and Resilience Hub
  • advisor
    Carlos Sanchez
    Director, Climate Resilience Finance
  • advisor
    Sarah Conway
    Director, Climate and Resilience Hub

World Bank

  • advisor
    Mafalda Duarte
    Head - Climate Investment Funds


ARM-Harith Infrastructure Investment Ltd

  • Tariye Gbadegesin
    Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer

Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

  • Ping Cheah
    Senior Strategy Officer

BNP Paribas

  • Bérénice Lasfargues
    Sustainability Integration Lead
  • Pieter Oyens
    Head, Strategic Marketing

C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group

  • Josué Tanaka
    Principal Finance Advisor

Climate Finance Advisors

  • Stacy Swann
    Chief Executive Officer and Founding Partner

Climate Finance Fund

  • Marilyn Waite
    Managing Director


  • David Schwartz
    Senior Advisor to the Chief Executive Officer, Strategic Partnerships
  • Joan Larrea
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Leah Pedersen
    Senior Director

Development Bank of Minas Gerais

  • Gustavo Amaral
    International Fundraising and Market Relations Manager

Encourage Capital

  • Adam Wolfensohn
    Managing Partner

European Investment Bank

  • Nancy Saich
    Senior Technical Adviser
  • Stephen O’Driscoll
    Head of Environment, Climate and Social Policy

Global Environment Facility

  • Chizuru Aoki
    Senior Technology Transfer Officer
  • Filippo Berardi
    Lead, Climate Change Mitigation

Green Climate Fund

  • Darren Karjama
    Partnerships and Outreach
  • Henry Gonzalez
    Deputy Executive Director and Chief Investment Officer
  • Selina Wrighter
    Senior Adviser to the Executive Director

IKEA Foundation

  • Biswarup Banerjee
    Program Manager

Impax Asset Management Limited

  • Ken Locklin
    Director, North America


  • Sergio Gusmão Suchodolski
    Chief Executive Officer


  • Kevin Whitfield
    Head African Treasuries, Carbon and Financial Products

Partnerships for Forests

  • Bruce Cabarle
    Team Leader


  • Hans Loth
    Global Head UN Environment Partnership
  • Joke Oudelaar
    Head of Program Management

Swiss Federal Office for the Environment

  • Gabriela Blatter
    Principle Policy Advisor, International Environment Finance
  • Lucretia Landmann
    Senior Policy Adviser Environmental Finance


  • JP Moscarella

Lab Spotlight

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Mauricio Moura Costa

2018 Lab proponent of the Responsible Commodities Facility

Mauricio Moura Costa
Founder and Director
Dale Petrie

2022 Lab proponent of the Green Guarantee Company

Dale Petrie
Finance Director
Kate Wharton

2022 Lab proponent of The Fund for Nature

Kate Wharton
Head of Natural Capital