Five Years of the Lab

Five Years of the Lab

Since 2014, the Lab has launched 35 innovative solutions that collectively have mobilized $1.9 billion in investment for action on climate change and sustainable development. Our new impact report highlights the key milestones and progress achieved so far.

Five Years of the Lab
Meet the 2019 Lab ideas

Meet the 2019 Lab ideas

Lab Members selected six new ideas to take forward for development in the 2019 cycle, which aim to accelerate investment for sustainable cities, blue carbon, energy access, and sustainable agriculture.

Meet the 2019 Lab ideas
The Lab launches the 2018 class of instruments

The Lab launches the 2018 class of instruments

Over their lifetimes, the 2018 instruments have the potential to collectively mobilize billions of dollars, and reduce emissions by an amount roughly equivalent to the 2013 carbon footprint of Paris. They will also bring significant social and economic benefits to targeted developing countries, including job creation and increased income, gender empowerment, healthier cities, and energy access.

The Lab launches the 2018 class of instruments

Driving Transformation

Nations, businesses, and investors are working to move toward a low-carbon, climate resilient economy. Many of the measures underpinning this transition, including energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainable transport, climate smart agriculture, and curbing deforestation, face specific barriers to attracting investment.

By identifying, developing, and supporting transformative sustainable finance ideas, the Lab aims to drive billions of dollars of private investment to the low-carbon economy.


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How it Works

1. Call for Ideas

Open call for innovative sustainable investment solutions

2. Selection

Lab Members select the most promising ideas.

3. Development

Selected ideas for India, Brazil, and Global Labs benefit from analysis, stress-testing, and guidance from experts and investors. Fire Awards finalists prepare business pitches.


4. Endorsement & Launch

Lab Members vote to launch the ideas for piloting, based on their innovation, actionability, financial sustainability, and catalytic potential. Fire Awards winners are announced.

5. Implementation

The ideas move into action, fundraising to launch pilots, with continued support from the Lab network.