April 23, 2024

The U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) has approved an investment in Regenera Ventures 1 that could reach USD 4 million.

Regenera Ventures Fund, a 2024 Lab instrument, pioneers impactful nature-based investments, emphasizing local leadership, diversity, and gender inclusion for financial success. The process involves strategic investments in scalable, diversified income-generating companies prioritizing community, landscape, and biodiversity impact.

Regenera Ventures I targets investments in 12 to 15 companies across various sectors, including agribusiness, forestry, nature tourism, regenerative cattle ranging, aquaculture, and enterprises facilitating the transition to regenerative agriculture.  It was developed through Sustainable Landscapes Ventures, a USAID-funded project implemented by Conservation International and a consortium of partners

“DFC is proud to support Regenera Ventures I in catalyzing investments in rural Mexico to support regenerative agricultural practices. This partnership will help unlock crucial financing that will bolster sustainable agriculture and local communities in rural areas across the country.”

Mateo Goldman, DFC’s Acting Vice President of Investment Funds