Maëlis Carraro, Managing Partner at Catalyst Fund, was recently featured in an Associated Press article on the funding gap in Africa climate startups.

The Lab endorsed the Catalyst Fund’s instrument last year which supports building climate resilience solutions across three verticals: fintech for climate resilience, sustainable livelihoods, and climate-smart essential services. The fund’s portfolio of startups helps vulnerable communities manage climate risks, adapt livelihoods, and build long-term resilience. The instrument has been making waves in recent months, investing USD 1.8 million in nine tech startups across Africa.

Speaking to the Associated Press, Carraro broke down the need for blended finance schemes to help attract private sector capital into financing climate initiatives.

“We’re not gonna go far enough with just the public funding. We need the private sector and the public sector to work together to unlock more financing. And in particular looking beyond just a few industries where the innovation is writ large.”

Maëlis Carraro, Managing Partner at Catalyst Fund