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Driving finance for climate action in Brazil


Brazil aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 37% below 2005 levels by 2025, and by 43% by 2030. To this end, the country intends to achieve zero illegal deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon and to restore 12 million hectares of forests, while also increasing the use of renewables to 45% of the energy mix, among other measures. However, like in many emerging economies, funding to meet these targets remains a challenge.

To overcome this problem, in October 2016, the Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance (the Lab) established a local network of public and private investors and leaders to identify, develop, and launch transformative investment solutions that can drive funds for Brazil’s national climate priorities.

The Brazil program of the Lab was initially launched under the auspices of the Brazil-U.S. Climate Change Working Group in 2016 and is now funded by the Federal Ministry of the Environment, Nature Protection, and Nuclear Safety of Germany (BMU), through implementation support from the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ). Climate Policy Initiative serves as the Secretariat and analytical provider.

Impulsionando o financiamento climático no Brasil


O Brasil pretende reduzir as emissões de gases de efeito estufa em 37% abaixo dos níveis de 2005 até 2025. Para isso, o país quer atingir zero desmatamento ilegal na Amazônia e restaurar 12 milhões de hectares de florestas, ao mesmo tempo em que aumenta o uso de energias renováveis para 45% da matriz energética, entre outras medidas. No entanto, como em muitas economias emergentes, o financiamento para atingir essas metas continua sendo um desafio.

Para superar esse problema, em outubro de 2016, o Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance (Lab) criou uma rede local de investidores e líderes dos setores público e privado para identificar, desenvolver e lançar soluções de investimento transformadoras que podem direcionar recursos para as prioridades climáticas brasileiras.

O programa do Lab no Brasil foi lançado em 2016, inicialmente sob os auspícios do Grupo de Trabalho Brasil-EUA sobre Mudanças Climáticas, e agora é financiado pelo Ministério Federal do Meio Ambiente, Proteção da Natureza e Segurança Nuclear da Alemanha (BMU), com apoio à implementação da Sociedade Alemã para Cooperação Internacional (GIZ). A Climate Policy Initiative faz a gestão do programa.


Brazil Steering Group

Ana Gutierrez
Climate Finance Senior Manager, UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA)

Elizabetta Albernaz
Head of Trade Facilitation Programmes , UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office

Maud Chalamet, Green Finance Programme Head – Prosperity Fund, UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office

Brazil Panel Members

Camila Ramos
Board Member and VP of Finance, ABSOLAR

Marilia Rabassa
Finance Working Group Coordinator, ABSOLAR

Rodrigo Sauaia

Sidney Almeida Filgueira de Medeiros
International Cooperation Lead, Brazil Ministry of Agriculture

Raquel Breda
General Coordinator of Global Development Institutions, Brazil Ministry of Economy

Mauricio Moura Costa
Director, BVRio

Pedro Moura Costa
Founder and Director, BVRio

Nabil Kadri
Chief of Environment and Amazon Fund, Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES)

Marcio Macedo
Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES)

Raphael Stein
Coordinator, Environmental Department, Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES)

Ana Toni
Executive Director, Climate and Society Institute (iCS)

Sergio Gusmão Suchodolski
Chief Executive Officer, Desenvolve SP

Betina Ferraz
Chief Risk Officer, Deutsche Bank (DB)

Rui Fernando Ramos Alves
Head of Legal, Deutsche Bank (DB)

Raquel Souza
Technical Advisor, GIZ

Adauto Modesto Junior
Chief- Economist, Development Bank of Minas Gerais (BDMG)

Camila Moreira de Castro
Presidency Advisor, Development Bank of Minas Gerais (BDMG)

Cinthia H. de Oliveira Bechelaine
Effectiveness Manager, Development Bank of Minas Gerais (BDMG)

Gustavo Amaral
International Fundraising and Market Relations Manager, Development Bank of Minas Gerais (BDMG)

Anibal Wadih
Managing Partner, GEF Capital

Tiago Gomes
Head of ESG for Latin America, GEF Capital

Luciano Schweizer
Senior Projects Coordinator, German KfW Development Bank

Gustavo Pinheiro
Low Carbon Economy Portfolio Coordinator, iCS

Anita Fiori de Abreu
Lead Investment Officer, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

Orlando Lima
Financial Markets Consultant, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

Diogo Bardal
Associate Operations Officer, International Finance Corporation (IFC)

Oliver Page
Senior Climate and Environment Specialist, International Fund For Agricultural Development (IFAD)

Fernanda Rocha
Senior Regional Technical Specialist, Rural Institutions for the Latin America and the Caribbean Region, International Fund For Agricultural Development (IFAD)

Paul Van de Logt
Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Marcio Sztutman
Nature Based Solution Director, Partnerships for Forests (P4F)

Luiz Almeida
Global Manager, Partnerships for Forests (P4F)

Carolina Learth

Maria Gabriela da Rocha Oliveira
Head of Global Renewable Solutions, Shell New Energy Ventures

Luisa Moreira
Project Management Specialist in Climate, U.S. Agency for International Development

Brazil Observers

Sabrina Molina
Buriti Investimentos

Matheus Amorim

Lutz Morgenstein
German Embassy in Brazil

Martin Schroeder
German KfW Development Bank

Gabriel Ribenboim
Impact Bank

Renata Piazzon
Instituto Arapyau

Ilona Szabó
Instituto Igarapé

Luis Laranja
Kaeté Investimentos

Fernando Russo
Meraki Fund

Keyvan Macedo

Marcos Gambi
Tomas Kovensky

The Nature Conservancy (TNC)

Danielle Carreira
World Economic Forum (WEF)

Reservoir Methane Capture Mechanism

The first-of-its-kind servitization structure with blended funding to unlock investments into emerging methane capture technology.

Amazônia Sustainable Supply Chains Mechanism

A mechanism to provide upfront finance for input providers in the Brazilian Amazon based on offtake agreements, conditioned on fostering sustainable supply chains that contribute to forestry preservation.

Guarantee Fund for Biogas Projects

The first guarantee mechanism that will provide financial guarantees on credit lines for biogas projects in Brazil, leveraging lending by private and public banks.

Off-balance sheet financing structure for energy efficiency performance contracting

The structure aims to unlock more than US $500 million in off-balance-sheet energy efficiency projects and serve as a lighthouse project for energy efficiency in Brazil. It provides capital for ESCOs and off-takers without compromising their balance-sheets.


The organization seeks to promote the sustainable development of low-income communities in Rio, through distributed solar energy. With solar energy in a rental model, they operate a community fund to make energy affordable and sustainable.

Conexsus Impact Fund. Photo by Kate Evans/CIFOR

Conexsus Impact Fund

The fund creates a business platform that can develop a variety of financial products tailored to specific communities and enterprises, addressing the gap in the way small-scale farms and forest-dwellers in Brazil access available financing.

Sustainable Agriculture Finance Facility

Sustainable Agriculture Finance Facility

The Sustainable Agriculture Finance Facility provides customized bundled loans that match the farmers’ needs and takes into account specific ICLF parameters.

PopLuz | Distributed Energy for Social Housing

A vehicle to enable distributed solar energy for low-income tenants in Brazil who cannot make the investments or don’t have access to credit, by providing a robust legal and financial structure to make it an attractive and low-risk investment option

Caaporã | The Socio-Climate Benefits Fund

A fund to increase forest restoration in the Amazon by investing and providing technical assistance to restore degraded lands in smallholders’ farms with agroforestry systems and, at the same time, developing and facilitating sales of their products

Responsible Commodities Facility

A vehicle to promote the responsible production of commodities, particularly soy, in the Brazilian Cerrado biome, through incentives to plant in already cleared and degraded lands

Ecopec | Climate Smart Cattle Ranching (CSCR)

A business model to provide resources and technical assistance to intensify and increase cattle production in Brazil, while also restoring degraded pastures and forests, and decreasing deforestation

Green Receivables Fund (Green FIDC)

An instrument to package and securitize the cashflows of renewable energy projects and sell shares in local capital markets, providing long-term finance for projects in Brazil

Distributed Energy Generation for Cooperatives (DGC)

An instrument to finance distributed renewable energy systems in agricultural and transport cooperatives, which can help Brazil increase its share of renewables in its power supply and mitigate its carbon emissions

Environmental and Social Assessment of Financial Instruments – Brazil Program

December 31, 2022

As part of the Lab cycle process of evaluating ideas, an analytical strategy is implemented to assess the environmental, climate best, and socio-economic impacts endorsed by Lab instruments in the country. To this end, The Lab requested support to analyze key environmental, climate, and social performance metrics for each Brazil Lab instrument. Also, it requested […]

Webinar: Seleção de ideias para o Lab 2023

October 27, 2022

  O Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance está com inscrições abertas para soluções inovadoras em finanças climáticas para acelerar investimentos privados em atividades sustentáveis. O prazo para envio das propostas é 26 de dezembro. Neste webinar, vamos abordar: – Processo de inscrição – Critérios de seleção – Áreas prioritárias em 2023 – Benefícios do […]

Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance abre inscrições para ideias inovadoras de finanças climáticas

October 24, 2022

O Lab busca seis soluções financeiras que possam atrair investimentos sustentáveis em mercados emergentes. Inscrições aqui Uma das vagas é para uma ideia que promovam a igualdade de gênero por meio do financiamento climático O Brasil é uma das regiões prioritárias do Lab e uma das selecionadas será do país Londres, 24/10/2022 – O Global […]

Innovators launch 7 new climate deals ready for the market, from sustainable steel to methane capture to green, affordable housing

September 29, 2022

Seven instruments seek to unlock USD 1 billion for climate action in challenging sectors through financial innovation with insurance, guarantees, credit scoring, and other financial tools The Lab now has a portfolio of 62 instruments, which have mobilized over USD 3.3 billion in finance or climate action Virtual Demo Day will showcase solutions to investors […]

Lab acelera mecanismo de captação e comercialização de metano em hidrelétricas brasileiras

March 3, 2022

LONDRES – O Laboratório Global de Inovação em Finanças Climáticas (Lab), que em 2021 mobilizou mais de US$ 800 milhões para o enfrentamento da crise do clima em economias emergentes, vai acelerar um novo instrumento financeiro brasileiro neste ano: o Mecanismo de Captura de Reserva de Metano – Reservoir Methane Capture Mechanism. A ideia é […]

Accelerating climate finance — Lab leads innovation in finance with 7 new deals from methane to affordable housing to climate-smart shrimp

March 3, 2022

LONDON – The Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance (the Lab) has selected seven new climate finance ideas for its 2022 acceleration program. The Lab will develop cutting-edge financial concepts that tackle barriers to investment and unlock sustainable private financing in emerging economies. Pilots are planned for Brazil, India, Kenya, South Africa, and Southeast Asia. “The 2022 Lab […]

Lab instruments mobilized USD 816 million in 2021

February 4, 2022

Lab instruments mobilized USD 816 million in 2021, making it the best Lab year so far for total mobilization figures. Since the Lab’s inception in 2014, Lab instruments have surpassed USD 3.2 billion in climate investments, with roughly USD 1 billion coming from the private sector.   Instrument Cycle USD Blockchain Climate Risk Crop Insurance […]

Abiogás chooses managers for biogas guarantee fund

February 2, 2022

2021 Lab proponent Abiogás launched an open call to select a manager for the Guarantee Fund for Biogas, Monitor Mercantil reports. The Guarantee Fund for Biogas is a new financial instrument to accelerate biogas investments in Brazil. Abiogas aims to reach 30 million m³/day of biomethane and invest more than BRL 10 billion (USD 2 […]

Lab ultrapassa marca de USD 3 bi em investimentos sustentáveis

December 15, 2021

Green FIDC, primeiro instrumento acelerado no Brasil, contribuiu com USD 50 milhões do montante com conclusão da captação esse ano Laboratório Global de Inovação em Finanças Climáticas já desenvolveu 55 instrumentos em áreas como agricultura sustentável, energia limpa e adaptação Inscrições para novas ideias inovadoras para 2022 estão abertas até 22/12 Londres – O Laboratório […]

Scaling Private Finance for Climate Risk Adaptation: Bridging the Resilience Gap

November 22, 2021

On November 8th, CPI organized an event at COP26 on scaling private finance for climate risk adaptation, with the objective of hearing from investors and implementers from the network of the Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance (the Lab).  Dr. Barbara Buchner, Global Managing Director of CPI, which acts as Secretariat of the Lab, moderated the event, […]

Webinar: Seleção de soluções financeiras inovadoras para o Lab 2022

November 15, 2021

  O Laboratório Global de Inovação em Finanças Climáticas (o Lab) está com inscrições abertas para ideias de soluções financeiras climáticas inovadoras capazes de acelerar a transição para uma economia de baixo carbono. O prazo termina em 22 de dezembro. Neste webinar, nós explicamos a seleção de ideias para o ciclo de 2021 do Lab: […]

The Lab Demo Day 2021

September 30, 2021

 The Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance hosted a virtual Demo Day on 20 October to present its 2021 groundbreaking climate finance ideas to the world. Each year, Lab ideas represent the latest and greatest in sustainable investment, and this year is no exception with over USD 300 million in philanthropic, concessional, and commercial […]

Lab lança dois instrumentos financeiros sustentáveis desenvolvidos com ABiogás, Natura e Mauá Capital

September 30, 2021

Londres, 30/09/21 – O Laboratório Global de Inovação em Finanças Climáticas (Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance – o Lab) lança hoje seis soluções financeiras inovadoras para direcionar recursos privados para ações climáticas em economias em desenvolvimento. O anúncio inclui dois instrumentos no Brasil que pretendem destravar na fase inicial US$ 103 milhões (aproximadamente R$ […]

The Lab launches six new finance solutions to drive climate action towards a net zero economy

September 30, 2021

New instruments seek to unlock USD 380 million in climate finance for sustainable energy access, food systems, and urban infrastructure Virtual Demo Day will showcase solutions to investors on October 20 The Lab has now a portfolio of 55 instruments and celebrates USD 2.5 billion milestone in finance mobilized for climate action in developing economies […]

Webinar: Nature-based Solutions for Brazil’s Hydropower Sector

August 26, 2021

Download the presentation slides On Tuesday, September 14 we hosted a webinar to highlight the role of Nature-based Solutions (NbS) in increasing profitability and sustainability of watersheds and hydropower plants in Brazil. In 2021, the Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance (the Lab) is partnering with Conservation International (CI) and The Nature Conservancy (TNC) to […]

Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance Launches New Program to Increase Impact Through Replication

May 10, 2021

The new program focuses on the scale-up of successful climate finance solutions in new markets For 2021, the Lab will support the replication of three initiatives from the Lab’s portfolio Brazil and India are the target markets for the new program’s first replication cycle LONDON – The Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance (the Lab), the only climate finance incubator […]

Brazil’s first FIDC and CRI issued as climate bonds raise USD 50 million (BRL 281.6 million)

April 8, 2021

RIO DE JANEIRO – Albion Capital and Órigo Energia announced the close of Green FIDC Solar GD, the first FIDC issued as a climate bond in Brazil, at USD 35.8 million (BRL 201.5 million). The announcement comes two weeks after the close of Brazil’s first Green CRI, a spinoff from the Green FIDC, which secured […]

The Lab selects six new ideas that create climate investment opportunities for a sustainable economic recovery in emerging economies

March 2, 2021

Selected ideas will tackle investment barriers in key sectors across Africa, Asia and Latin America Since 2014, the Lab has incubated 49 ideas that have mobilized USD 2.4 billion to date LONDON – The Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance (the Lab) has selected six new climate finance ideas for its 2021 acceleration program. In the […]

The Lab opens call for innovative climate finance ideas

November 6, 2020

Climate finance entrepreneurs can apply for the Lab’s 2021 development cycle Ideas should address barriers to climate investment in emerging markets, as well as challenges for a post-COVID, green economic recovery The deadline is 22 December 2020; selected ideas will be announced in February 2021 London, 06 Nov 2020 – Climate finance entrepreneurs from all […]

Lab abre inscrições de ideias inovadoras para atrair investimentos sustentáveis; ideias do Brasil têm programa especial

November 5, 2020

Empreendedores podem inscrever suas ideias de investimentos sustentáveis para o ciclo de 2021 do Lab Propostas com foco no Brasil são prioridade As ideias devem abordar as barreiras ao investimento sustentável, bem como os desafios para uma recuperação econômica verde pós-COVID O prazo para inscrição é 22 de dezembro; as ideias selecionadas serão anunciadas em […]

Webinar: seleção de soluções financeiras inovadoras para o Lab 2021

November 3, 2020

O Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance está atualmente recebendo propostas de soluções financeiras inovadoras com potencial para atrair investimentos climáticos. Essas ideias devem ser capazes de enfrentar alguns dos desafios mais difíceis do clima e do desenvolvimento sustentável e atrair investimentos que também estimulem uma recuperação econômica verde pós-COVID. As ideias selecionadas serão desenvolvidas […]

Webinar: The Lab Call for Ideas 2021

October 28, 2020

Download the webinar slides here. The Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance is currently accepting proposals for innovative finance solutions that can unlock investment to tackle some of the most difficult climate and sustainable development challenges, especially those that also support a post-COVID, green economic recovery. Selected ideas, announced in February 2021, receive over 7 […]

The Lab launches eight new finance solutions to drive climate action and green recovery

September 28, 2020

Today, the Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance (the Lab) launched eight innovative finance solutions to drive private resources to climate action in developing economies. After a thorough process of analysis, development and stress-testing, these solutions are ready to provide investment opportunities for a post-COVID, green economic recovery. The Lab, an initiative of over 60 […]

Live Q&A: How to improve smallholders’ access to finance in sustainable farming systems

May 27, 2020

Download presentation As a part of Global Landscape Forum Digital Summit, CPI Senior Analysts Daniela Chiriac and Tatiana Alves participated in a live Q&A session on how to improve smallholders’ access to finance in sustainable farming systems.  Five entrepreneurs from the Lab joined the session to share their practical experience in developing climate finance instruments […]

Projeto #Colabora: Brazilian initiatives to finance sustainability

March 5, 2020

Projeto #Colabora published a piece about the two Brazilian instruments selected for the Global Innovation for Climate Finance 2020 cycle. The site covers all related to UN Sustainable Development Goals. “The Conexsus Impact Fund seeks to catalyze investments in community companies associated with value chains that improve land use, avoiding deforestation and pressure on natural resources. […]

Valor: Plan wants to make ‘green’ investment feasible

March 5, 2020

Valor Econômico, the main business newspaper in Brazil, published a story about the two Brazilian instruments selected by the Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance. The note describes both Conexsus Impact Fund and Sustainable Agriculture Finance Facility, saying “the two projects intend to unlock a total of US $ 2 billion in financing in up […]

The Lab announces 2020 program winners to mobilize investment for sustainable cities, energy access, nature-based solutions, and sustainable agriculture

March 5, 2020

Mar 5, 2020 LONDON – The Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance (the Lab), an investor-led initiative that identifies, develops, and launches promising solutions to drive critical public and private investment to action on climate change in developing countries, has selected its top eight ideas for 2020, the 6th year of its annual competition. The Lab […]

Estadão: Banks unite to support sustainable projects

February 13, 2020

The Brazilian national newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo featured the Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance 2020 call for ideas. The note highlights the participation of financial institutions among the 60+ Lab members and their role in selecting the instruments for the new cycle. Read the full note here, in Portuguese only.

The Lab’s 41 climate finance instruments accomplish $2 billion in sustainable investment

December 9, 2019

Since 2014, the Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance has launched 41 innovative climate finance instruments that have collectively mobilized $2 billion in investments from public and private investors. It is currently accepting ideas of innovative instruments for the 2020 cycle. 13 December 2019 London – This week, as world leaders gather in Madrid for […]

Lab busca ideias inovadoras de instrumentos financeiros para o ciclo 2020

November 21, 2019

O Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance (Lab) está buscando ideias de instrumentos inovadores de investimento sustentável para projetos de mitigação e adaptação climática em países em desenvolvimento. Este ano, há uma chamada especial para ideias de acesso à energia sustentável, cidades sustentáveis, agricultura sustentável e soluções baseadas na natureza, e com foco em Brasil, […]

Webinar: The Lab Call for Ideas 2020

November 19, 2019

 Download here the presentation for this webinar. The Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance is currently accepting proposals for financial instruments that can unlock investment to tackle some of the most difficult sustainable development challenges. In five years, the Lab has launched 41 innovative financial instruments that have collectively mobilized nearly US$ 2 billion […]

2018 Lab instrument DESH signs MoU with municipality of Belo Horizonte

August 19, 2019

An instrument from the Lab’s 2018 cycle, Distributed Energy for Social Housing (DESH) signed a memorandum of understanding with the municipality of Belo Horizonte on July 22nd. DESH offers cheaper distributed solar energy for low-income tenants. Through this partnership, PopLuz, the implementing product of DESH, is registering potential customers among residents of popular housing. Proponents Endless and […]

Instrumento do Lab de 2018, DESH assina parceria com prefeitura de Belo Horizonte

August 19, 2019

Instrumento lançado pelo Lab no Brasil em 2018, Distributed Energy for Social Housing (DESH) assinou um memorando de entendimento com a prefeitura de Belo Horizonte, no dia 22 de julho. O serviço oferece energia solar mais barata a condomínios de baixa renda. Através da parceria, o PopLuz, produto comercial resultante do DESH, fará o cadastro […]

Convergence awards grant to Albion Capital & Climate Policy Initiative to develop innovative asset-backed securitization for green projects in Brazil

July 24, 2019

Albion Capital has received a grant from Convergence, a global network for blended finance, to develop a new Green FIDC, a 2016-2017 Lab Instrument. The proponent has already launched a successful pilot in the residential solar market in Brazil and has a project pipeline of close to BRL 1 billion. The instrument bridges the gap […]

Folha: Fundo financiará agricultor brasileiro em US$ 1 bi para evitar desmatamento

July 8, 2019

O instrumento do Brasil Lab Responsible Commodities Facility anunciou um plano para financiar em US$ 1 bilhão a produção de 180 milhões de toneladas de soja e milho “responsáveis” nos próximos quatro anos. Com apoio do governo britânico e do programa das Nações Unidos para o Ambiente, o instrumento financeiro oferecerá linhas de crédito adicionais […]

Financial Times: $1bn green bonds to boost sustainable Brazilian farming launched

July 8, 2019

2018 Brasil Lab instrument Responsible Commodities Facility announced a plan to provide US$1 billion over the next four years to fund the production of more than 180 million tonnes of responsible soy and corn in Brazil. With support from the UK Government’s programme Partnerships for Forests and a collaboration agreement with the UN Environment (UNEP), […]

Responsible Commodities Facility, 2018 Brasil Lab instrument, launches at London Climate Action Week

July 4, 2019

Today, Sustainable Investment Management Ltd (SIM) launched The Responsible Commodities Facility, a 2017-2018 Lab instrument, at London Climate Action Week. The instrument will supply international markets with a different class of soy that is not linked to any deforestation (including legal) in the Brazilian Cerrado. It aims to channel low cost loans to 600 farms, […]

Webinar, Nov 21 – O Lab: Fomentando o Investimento Sustentável

November 10, 2017

O CPI, Secretariado Lab, lançou uma nova “chamada para ideias” de instrumentos financeiros para o ciclo de 2017-2018. Buscamos ideias inovadoras e executáveis de instrumentos financeiros que possam alavancar significativamente recursos financeiros para o desenvolvimento sustentável.  Essa chamada para ideias engloba os quarto programas do Lab: the Global Lab, India Lab, Brasil Lab, e o […]

Dinheiro Vivo: Inovação portuguesa no financiamento do clima apresentada em Nova Iorque

September 22, 2017

Get2C foi distinguida pela competição internacional The Lab, cuja sessão de apresentação decorre à margem da Semana do Clima de Nova Iorque. Read more:

Reuters: Climate investment incubator branches out into cloud forests, cattle ranches

September 22, 2017

Latin American cloud forests, energy-saving street lights in Rio de Janeiro and sustainable cattle ranching in the Amazon will get a boost from new financial instruments to channel capital for tackling climate change, their backers said. The Lab, a network of programs that incubates sustainable finance mechanisms, expects to attract an initial $855 million to […]

Three instruments move forward to drive investment for climate action in Brazil

June 13, 2017

The Brasil Innovation Lab for Climate Finance – a group of public and private investors and finance experts on land use and energy in Brazil – continues to make progress on three financial instruments which could catalyze large-scale investment in Brazil. Brasil Lab Members recently convened to review progress on the instruments’ development and recommend […]

US-Brazil investor group picks three financial instruments that can drive funds for climate action

February 9, 2017

Rio de Janeiro, February 9, 2017 — Brazil aims to reduce emissions by 37% by 2025, mostly through changes in its land use and energy sectors. Like in many emerging economies, however, funding to meet these targets remains a challenge. This week, a group of public and private investors met for the first time in […]


Rosaly Byrd
Senior Program Associate, Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance

Júlio Lubianco
Senior Communications Associate, Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance

Felipe Borschiver
Finance Lead, Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance