2023 Lab instrument Social Infra Ventures (SIV)  has been awarded a Project Preparation Facility grant from the the Green Climate Fund totaling USD 1.24 million through Attijariwafa Bank. The grant will support SIV’s efforts to develop a funding proposal for a EUR 160 million investment in climate-resilient, gender-responsive housing in Morocco.

SIV is a first-of-its-kind rental and for-sale gender-responsive green affordable housing platform in Northern Africa. It has been selected this year for the Lab’s first-ever gender stream.

“This grant will enable them to do a market study, climate assessment studies, environmental safeguard assessments, legal and pre-contract arrangements, and develop a theory of change and log frames,” said Kavita Sinha, Director of the Green Climate Fund’s Private Sector Facility, at the 2023 GCF Private Investment for Climate conference in Nairobi, Kenya.