Social Infra Ventures (SIV) is a newly established, climate-resilient, green, and social infrastructure platform for Africa. The instrument is focused on a pan-African rental platform to service low- and lower-middle income families and vulnerable groups in Africa’s secondary cities, as well as provide safety, access to social and economic opportunities, mobility, and employment for women and girls. SIV is committed to gender equality and women’s empowerment.

The Problem

SIV responds to 3 trends and challenges that the African continent is facing: 1. rapid population growth, 2. rapid urbanization, and 3. climate change.

Africa’s deficit of homes is estimated at 50 million units, set to further increase due to the above trends. African countries are vulnerable to the adverse impacts of climate change, which is expected to accelerate migration from rural areas to cities.

About 90% of Africa’s population is unable to buy a home and relies on renting. Rental markets will play a formidable role in promoting decent housing in Africa, especially for low-income earners, youth, migrants, and women.

The Solution

The instruments will establish and scale a green, climate resilient rental platform by:

  • Targeting secondary cities, with the “15-minute city concept”: building small-scale, socially mixed communities in or near urban centers to avoid ghetto formation, reducing transport time and costs, and providing access to economic and social infrastructure.
  • Providing rent to own units to low- and lower middle-income and vulnerable groups.

SIV has been incorporated as a permanent capital vehicle (company) rather than a fund, due to the long-term strategic vision. SIV will operate through two subsidiaries: (i) a development company (“SIV DevCo”), and (ii) a rental company (“SIV RentCo”).

“Together with the Lab and its extensive network of partners, we hope to achieve a paradigm shift in the sector by offering green, climate resilient housing for low-income families which considers the needs of women in particular.”

Anna Vilarrubi, CFO and Partner SIV

Target Impact

The paradigm shift is based on an innovative, affordable housing platform, deploying the 15-minute city concept, and introducing climate resilient, green, and gender responsive communities to further develop the housing ecosystem.

SIV will realize impact with long-term commitment sponsor Cardano Development and the former senior management team of Mixta Africa, combining (i) CD’s vast experience of incubating and scaling innovative companies to further develop local capital markets in emerging markets, and (ii) the management team’s track-record of successfully delivering more than 13,000 affordable houses across North and West Africa.

“Financial inclusion of women is a key priority for SIV and the rental platform, supporting women to build a financial track record and access finance to buy homes or create their own businesses.” 

Maria-Pia Kelly, Senior Business Development Manager at Cardano Development