A nature fintech that brings nature on the balance sheet. The Landbanking Group (TLG) has built Landler.io, the first natural capital management platform. Landler measures the natural capital (biodiversity, carbon, soil, water) for any track of land, and issues Nature Equity Asset Purchase Agreements (NAPAs) between any natural capital providers (land stewards) and buyers. This NAPA is a novel contract that gives land stewards financial rewards for protecting and restoring natural capital, and investors a proof of nature stewardship that can be exchanged, capitalized (on the balance sheet), and securitized.

The Problem

Today, nature is external to our economic equation. The need to fund natural ecosystems is either ignored or considered a cost. In the future, it must be investible as critical infrastructure. That requires new funding models for natural capital beyond grants and compensation. There is urgency to establish natural capital as an equitable asset class.

The Solution

TLG changes today’s nature investments approach, infuses trust in the value returned from investments, makes natural capital management easy, brings investments onto the balance sheet, and activates actors with high fiduciary obligations. TLG offers fiduciary-grade safeguards and is compatible with international accounting standards.

“In partnering with the Lab, we hope to strengthen our platform and reward land stewards around the world for natural capital uplift.”

Dr. Martin R. Stuchtey, Founder of The Landbanking Group

Target Impact

In the long term, TLG’s ambition is to make “ecological landbanking” available as an alternative to every land steward on the planet. In the medium term, TLG aims to manage 6 million hectares of land on its platform, sequester over a million tons of CO2, build 580,000 tons of soil organic matter, save 8 million liters of water, and support livelihoods through uplift revenues on 1 million hectares of land.