The VOX VERT Land Use Transition Fund, a 2023 Lab instrument engineered by Vert Capital and Vox Capital, was featured in a recent Capital Reset article highlighting its innovative features.

The proponents are collaborating on a fund to finance the recovery of degraded pastures and encourage sustainable agricultural production models in the Brazilian Amazon and Cerrado regions through a private credit fund with a blended finance structure.  The fund will be able to give credit for the recovery of degraded areas with grain production, sustainable management of cattle associated with increased productivity, implementation of integrated systems with different agricultural species, agroforestry and reforestation, and financing of the bioeconomy.

“The fund should be a credit facilitator for the rural producer, with the transfer of land use.”

Vox CIO and Partner Gilberto Ribeiro

The plan is to raise at least USD 100 million, with a first closing of USD 50 million by the middle of next year.