Projeto #Colabora published a piece about the two Brazilian instruments selected for the Global Innovation for Climate Finance 2020 cycle. The site covers all related to UN Sustainable Development Goals.

“The Conexsus Impact Fund seeks to catalyze investments in community companies associated with value chains that improve land use, avoiding deforestation and pressure on natural resources. Our goal is to raise US $40 million in four years to leverage US $  billion in rural credit made available both through public policies such as Pronaf (National Family Agriculture Program) and private institutions”, said Carina Pimenta, executive director of Conexsus, to #Colabora.

“Our mission [at the Sustainable Agriculture Finance Facility] is to unlock financing that supports the expansion of sustainable agriculture in the tropics, providing internationally recognized certification for rural properties, especially for small and medium farmers,” explained to #Colabora Gracie Verde Selva, project manager at the Brazilian Institute for Development and Sustainability, who proposed the idea to the Lab in partnership with the ILPF Network. “The implementation of sustainable agricultural practices is crucial to deal with climate change and to feed a growing population. The guidance of the Lab’s experts will be crucial to ensure a robust and agile instrument that meets the needs of farmers and guarantees returns for investors ”

Read the full story here, in Portuguese only.