Lab instruments mobilized USD 816 million in 2021, making it the best Lab year so far for total mobilization figures.

Since the Lab’s inception in 2014, Lab instruments have surpassed USD 3.2 billion in climate investments, with roughly USD 1 billion coming from the private sector.

Instrument Cycle USD
Blockchain Climate Risk Crop Insurance 2019 .75m
Climate Investor One 2015 590m
CRAFT 2017 144m
Green FIDC 2017 48.4m
Financing for Low-Carbon Auto Rickshaws 2018 5m
RISCO 2019 1m
Sustainable Energy Bonds (SEBs) 2017 5m
Sustainable Agriculture Finance Facility 2020 1.14m
TerraFund (ex-Rural Prosperity Bond) 2020 19.5m
The Socio-Climate Benefits Fund 2018 1.55m
Total 816.6m