2020 Lab finalist GROVE: Forestry Smart Ledger was featured by Reuters, in an article highlighting the catalytic potential of the instrument.

GROVE “plans to launch an app and website in the next six months using blockchain technology to crowdsource donations for mangrove restoration projects across India and Southeast Asia that would add 1 billion mangrove trees by 2025. Users will be able to select a project and, once the funding target is met, track its progress through video, photograph and data updates, and monitor forest growth drawing on satellite images and algorithms.

“We provide an opportunity for people all over the world who have excess money (to) lay off one $5 latte and plant five mangrove trees with a coastal community,” said Ryan Merrill, the trust’s managing director.

Read more about the project in the article Five trees or a latte? Coastal communities seek crowdfunding for mangroves