Conservation International and the aquculture technology company xpertSea have teamed up to launch a Climate Smart Shrimp pilot in Ecuador, a country that has lost nearly half of its 50,000 hectares of mangroves in Ecuador since 1969 due to aquaculture.

The Climate Smart Shrimp Fund, a 2022 Lab instrument, provides loan packages, supported by a technical assistance facility, that enable shrimp farmers to transition to more sustainable and efficient production systems while simultaneously restoring mangrove ecosystems.

“Climate Smart Shrimp is an innovative approach that will catalyze measurable, sustainable change. Our partnership with xpertSea enables seafood buyers to play an active role in mangrove restoration, carbon emission reduction and the promotion of responsible farming practices. This collaborative effort presents an exciting way to support both the environment and farmers.”

Dane Klinger, Director of Aquaculture at Conservation International.