Since FiRe began, its goal has been to accelerate powerful, actionable business models that can drive new finance for clean energy and green growth.

Over the last three years, FiRe has helped advance the pay-as-you-go solar industry in Africa; promote energy efficiency lending by commercial banks; support major corporations such as General Motors and Cisco switch to renewable energy sourcesbuild affordable green homes in Sub-Saharan Africa; and assess the emissions-savings of green bonds; among many others.

Now in its fourth cycle, FiRe has evolved to better meet the needs on the ground. For example, in addition to the unique profile-raising opportunity for finalists at the BNEF Summit, FiRe is now able to leverage networking opportunities with the Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance and India Innovation Lab for Green Finance, as well as provide more business development, outreach, and communications support for winners through its relationship with Climate Policy Initiative as Secretariat.

This evolution has paved the way for new opportunities, enabling us to identify core strengths and how to best position the FiRe process to build impact and momentum for early-stage pilots and businesses that are ready to expand.

It is in this context that I am excited to announce the renaming of FiRe to ‘the Fire Awards.’ While this new positioning continues to embody the core values of the FiRe platform, accelerating finance for resilience and renewables, it also brings emphasis to the critical need to build momentum for early-stage pilots and businesses that are already “on fire” – and ready to make a significant impact in the green growth and clean energy space.

Indeed, we look forward to a closer collaboration with the Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance and the India Innovation Lab for Green Finance that will allow us to unlock even more impact in the coming year. We will be seeking ideas for our next cycle soon.

Thanks for your support,

Dr. Barbara Buchner
Executive Director, Climate Finance
Climate Policy Initiative
Fire Awards Secretariat