April 15, 2024

Bluemethane and Open Hydro, the proponents behind the 2022 Lab instrument Methane Capture Service, were featured in a recent BBC article highlighting the greenhouse gas emissions tied to hydroelectric power.

Hydroelectric dams and their reservoirs generate more than one billion tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent in the atmosphere, largely from methane, a gas 80 times as potent as carbon dioxide over a 20-year span. To counter this, Methane Capture Service provides the first-of-its-kind servitization structure with blended funding to unlock investments into emerging methane capture technology. The Lab endorsed the instrument in September 2022.

The article focuses on Bluemethane and Open Hydro’s plans to monetize methane capture, the technology being developed to capture methane bubbles and use them as a non-fossil source of biogas, and the software platform they are pioneering to help reservoirs calculate their emissions and decarbonize freshwater systems.

“We’re not just fast-tracking cleaner energy; we’re unlocking the true value of our most precious resource.”

Maria Ubierna, founder of Open Hydro