The Lab in Southern Africa


The Lab’s Southern Africa stream addresses issues unique to the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) region. Due to a combination of exposure to climate change stresses and low adaptive capacity, the SADC includes some of the most vulnerable countries to climate change.

The SADC member states. Image credit: SADC

With 70% of regional water resources crossing national boundaries, water resource management is recognized by all states as a priority to act upon. Increasing sustainable energy production and access is another item at the top of most SADC states Nationally Determined Contributions agenda. By 2027, the SADC countries have pledged to fulfill their 150GW hydropower generation potential, from 12GW in 2013. Sustainable land use and forestry, transportation and waste treatment are additional top priorities.

National budgets can cover only a fraction of the required investments. International public and private financing, as well as capacity-building support, are needed for these countries to reach their targets.

With support from the Development Bank of Southern Africa, and in collaboration with regional financial and technical experts, the Lab’s Southern Africa Program supports the development of innovative investment instruments that respond to specific challenges in the region enabling to reach its climate priorities.