The Double ROI Platform: Retrofit Return on Investment


2016 Fire Awards Finalist

Maurice Meehan, Director of Shipping Operations, Carbon War Room

Maritime shipping accounts for 2.4% of global GHG emissions – Depending on future economic and energy developments, projected to increase by 50% to 250% in the period to 2050 by the International Maritime Organization. The current rate of innovation and uptake of new tech and fuels will not get us to peak emissions by 2025 or a 50% reduction in total emissions by 2050 (based on 2008 high). Both targets needed for shipping to contribute its fair share to a 2DEG future. We must understand what is blocking investment, coordinate the availability of essential data, and plan future fuel infrastructure.

The Double Return on Investment Platform (R2OI Platform), now transitioning to a multi-stakeholder platform with the Global Maritime Decarbonisation Forum aims to accelerate the mass uptake of ‘clean’ technology solutions in the shipping industry that, deliver ‘double-digit’ efficiency gains, carbon and other emissions savings.

Barriers Addressed

  • Split incentives for efficiency: vessel owners pay only 30% of fuel used
  • Lack of access to capital for retrofits
  • Low industry risk appetite and short (three-year) payback times
  • Breakthrough tech providers with “high uncertainty technology” face a chasm between concept design and demonstrating in full use to the market – often called crossing the Valley of Death, as so many promising companies run out of funding during this phase.

A three-year programme of market research and high-level industry forums will identify solutions and disseminate solutions.  Forums provide for:

  • The exchange of techniques and tools used to ensure returns on retrofit investments;
  • The presentation of transactions, case studies and verified results on the use of these techniques and tools; and
  • Linking lenders and financiers with potential retrofit projects.

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