Revolusolar is a social organization that seeks to promote the sustainable development of low-income communities in Rio, through distributed solar energy. With professional training and children workshops, the community is fully involved, becoming the protagonist of the process. And with solar energy in a rental model, they operate a Community Fund that makes energy affordable and sustainable.

The Problem
Access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all is a basic requirement for the sustainable development of humanity. Currently, with an increasingly expensive grid energy prices and cheaper solar energy, this is already an economically advantageous option, especially in Rio. And because it is a renewable, decentralized source and a leader in generating local jobs, this new option has an important socio-environmental role. But to access solar energy in Brazil, initial capital or access to credit is still required. For this reason, only the wealthiest have benefited from this new solution. Low-income communities continue to have an expensive and low-quality energy service.

The Solution
Revolusolar makes photovoltaic technology accessible to low-income communities, through (i) solar installations through a rental model, which contribute to reduce energy costs and empower the consumer; (ii) professional training for this market, which generates quality local jobs for the new low-carbon economy and gives the community a leading role; (iii) children’s workshops on sustainability and energy, which raise the awareness of the new generation and promote community engagement; and (iv) research, events, and advocacy, to generate and disseminate knowledge on the subject, and to represent the favela ‘s interests in the energy sector.

Target Impact
The proponent has installed three photovoltaic systems in Rio. This set of installations generates about 15,600 kWh per year of energy, meaning annual savings in the order of R$ 15,000 in energy expenses. They plan a cooperative pilot project that will lead to the creation of the first distributed energy generation cooperative in a slum in Brazil. The Revolusolar’s role will be, when structuring the project, the coordination, fundraising and contracting the necessary services, and, during the cooperative’s operation, the rental and maintenance of the photovoltaic generator, in addition to administrative support.