Online Financing of Clean Energy Projects


2017 Fire Awards Finalist

Wayne Van Dyck, CEO, RePower Capital

It’s estimated that 75% of mid-market (capex of $3mn to $100mn) clean energy projects never get financed: developers can’t get investment bankers to find the project finance they need, particularly if they are small to middle market sized projects (<$100M). As a result, project developers are forced to go it alone – and with more than 75% unable to find the project capital they need, most fail, leaving $300 billion of unbuilt projects every year.

Online financing of clean energy projects is an initiative to provide mid-market clean energy projects a tailored, efficient access point for finance.

Barriers Addressed
• High cost and low probability of raising mid-market project capital
• Length process for raising mid-market project capital

Repower Capital offers an online transaction engine that automates due diligence and capital finding for mid-market solar, wind and waste-to-energy projects. RePower reports that its transaction engine is much faster and reduces man hours required by up to 90%. Developers submit their projects online and get a $25,000 screening and financeability report for free. Those with high enough scores submit all their project data for vetting, structuring, and matching with capital sources, including over $80 billion of investable equity, tax and debt looking for middle-market projects to fund.

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